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Types of Automotive LED Lights

When you think of automotive LED lights, how many types of lights do you imagine? If you’re like most vehicle owners, you probably think of headlights, or maybe light strips. However, did you know there are far more types out there? Automotive LED lights are available to fit virtually any need you might have on your car. Whether you’re looking for a replacement for a blown bulb or you want to find a way to add a bit more style to your ride, LED lights can help.
Headlights are probably the most common application for LED technology in the automotive world. You’ll find that these are available in standard bulb replacement sizes, as well as in light strips that mount under your standard headlights. Daytime running lights are also available (and the long life of LED technology makes this a perfect application). You’ll find several other related LED light types here as well, including halo rings, eyes and even strobe kits.
Brake Lights
One of the more interesting applications of LED technology is in car brake lights. Automotive LED lights offer faster rise times (.2 seconds over conventional bulbs), which means that drivers behind you see your lights faster. That keeps you and your family safer on the road. Taillights are also available with LED technology, and the rise time benefits apply here as well, particularly when driving in transitional light areas (think going into a tunnel and having to turn on your lights due to the dark).
Dash Lights
The lights in your car’s dash are important for safety and visibility at all times, not just at night. When one fails, it’s a serious process to replace it (usually requiring a trip to the dealership too). By replacing your dash lights with LED car lights, you can ensure that you’ll need to replace the light far less frequently. You can even choose different colors of lights, too.
Dome Lights
Most vehicles come equipped with a dome light that comes on when you open the door, or turn the light selector to interior. Dome lights blow quickly, and they’re also rather generic in color output. You can revolutionize your interior with an LED car light – they’re far longer lasting, and you can purchase them in a range of different colors, helping you to get the look and feel that you want.
Off-Road Lighting
Think LED car lights are limited to headlights, taillights, brake lights and the like? Think again. You’ll find this reliable technology is also being used in off-road lighting. These lights sit outside your vehicle and are used to provide additional visibility on job sites, or when adventuring off-road. LED technology is the perfect solution to the rigors of this environment, including the greater lifespan, better light emission and ability to withstand shocks.
There are far more types of automotive LED lights out there. You’ll find that you can customize your vehicle to almost any extent you want, while still benefitting from the advantages offered by this superior technology.

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