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Seven Things You Need to Know About LED Headlights

In the last decade, LED headlights have made remarkable inroads in the automotive market, based on the powerful combination of superb illumination and low power consumption they offer. But they still don’t come as standard equipment in many car models, and as a dealer option…


Types of Automotive LED Lights

When you think of automotive LED lights, how many types of lights do you imagine? If you’re like most vehicle owners, you probably think of headlights, or maybe light strips. However, did you know there are far more types out there? Automotive LED lights are…


Is It Safe to Use LED Automotive Lights

You’re right to be concerned with safety when installing new lights on your car, truck, van or SUV. You need a reliable lighting solution that will be very visible to other drivers, headlights that will illuminate the road ahead, and interior lights that will provide…


Things to Look for in Aftermarket LED Lights

re you interested in upgrading your car or truck’s lights? LED technology offers a range of benefits, including a far superior lifespan, as well as better weather resistance and even light emission in many instances. However, understand that LED automotive technology is still relatively new…


Understanding the Benefits of LED Car Lights

LED technology has evolved quickly. It wasn’t that long ago that LED lights were only available for very specific applications. Not only that, but they weren’t the ideal option when powerful light emission was necessary – driving at night, for instance. However, things have changed,…


Why Upgrade to LED Car Lights

our car’s lights are important components of your vehicle. They provide safety, visibility and even affect the look and feel of your automobile. If you’re still running traditional incandescent bulbs, there are some compelling reasons that you should consider making the switch to LED car…