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About us

About Us

Welcome to Premium Car LED, your one-stop solution for all your automotive lighting needs. Whether you need to replace your OEM headlights with high-performance, long-lasting LEDs or you want to upgrade your off-road lighting, we have exactly what you need. We specialize in delivering high-performance, customized automotive lighting created from leading-edge technology – LED lighting.

With more than ten years within the LED light industry as Premium Car LED, we have provided a huge array of different manufacturers and businesses with the quality they need. With a wide range of products available on the market unique to Premium Car LED, you can trust us to stay as innovative and passionate about quality lighting as we have been so far.

Our Commitment

At Premium Car LED, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our customers have access to the highest quality, exact fit LED lights for their vehicles. Whether you need to install replacement LED brake lights, or want to add the sophisticated look of LED headlights, we offer OEM/ODM fit and function, combined with today’s leading technology.

By developing a wealth of new product lines that help keep the market fresh and friendly for everybody involved, Premium Car LED operates under the strict standards we set for ourselves at all times. Nothing but the best is good enough, and with all of our products matching the OEM standards and requirements, our high levels of concentration and dedication to improving the market for the long-term is incredibly important to us.

Our Selection

We provide our clients, customers and businesses alike, with unique LED products that range from headlights, tail and brake lights for your car to underwater lights for your marina. Whatever it is you want to keep safe and illuminated, we will have a product on our market that is absolutely perfect for what you require. Nothing is more important to us than design quality and performance, and we make sure that every product we create or provide is of the very highest standards, and meets the industry specific standards as well.
We understand that our customers need a fast, reliable solution to their automotive lighting requirements. That’s why all of our LED lights feature exact OEM/ODM fit. Plug-and-play functionality ensures that all you need to do is connect your new lights, and enjoy all the benefits of LED technology. It’s simple and easy, and you’ll discover that there’s no better way to achieve a hassle-free lighting solution.
Premium Car LED is also committed to ensuring you have access to the hottest styles and trends in aftermarket LED lighting.